New Years Greetings

There are two occasions each year that are my favorite planned reflective times – my birthday and the beginning of a new year. There seems to be an invitation in the air to reflect on the year that we are leaving behind and what will we carry into the new year. Is it old beliefs we have carried for so long and are they serving our highest calling? Or is there a new spark of something that has the expectation and excitement of possibility? In the last chapter of my new book, Bread and Butter: A Self Directed Discovery to Your Desired Life, there are numerous questions to help you and those you know who are on a quest to discover the possibilities that lay in front of each of us.

I am grateful for the many ups and downs of 2014. I learned to be strong by leaning on people who care and love me, when my long held belief had been I can take care of me all by myself. I bid it fond farewell with a new tenderness for understanding clearly we are here to love and comfort each other the best way we know how. I am grateful for your readership and how you have embraced An Inspirational Year at

My wish for you in 2015 is that you feel joy from the small acts and that love fills in the gaps. But as I often say, it’s your life and therefore, my friends, your choice.
-Deborah Liverett

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