Hello February!

February is often thought of as the relationship month. Some people run towards Valentine’s Day and some as far away as possible. I’d like us to start a conversation about our relationship with ourselves. Are you as thoughtful about how you treat yourself as you treat family members? How about strangers, who do you treat better, them or yourself? If a stranger bumps into you and apologizes do you mutter, ‘no problem?’ When you bump into a wall, car or another pedestrian what do you say to yourself?

Self care and kindness helps to pave a path to better emotional health. Your emotional health allows you to listen to others without needing to interject your opinion. Emotional well being allows the other person to be responsible for their feelings and you yours. You can stop pointing at what is wrong with everyone else and start recognizing what you bring to the table that is a culprit to miscommunication. You only have power to change yourself. If you are unhappy, disappointed by others or discontent you only have you to turn to for understanding. For too long we have said ‘my life would be better if he or she would change or do better’. The truth is satisfaction with life and living in a joy filled state is internal work! Cultivate a relationship with yourself that mirrors what you are hoping to get from others.

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