I can hear people say, how can I choose happiness when so many things around me are going awry? I can suggest it’s because we have the freedom to choose. And with faith, in something greater than yourself, you can choose to be happy as much as you can choose to be sad, angry or hurt! When things are off balance, let go of the stories you tell yourself that keep you discontent. You have the power to decide to be happy! You can take a breath, relax your shoulders, and have faith that everything in which you have no control of can turn out well.

Choose to shift into a smile! Do something nice for someone less fortunate. Sing loudly or dance wildly. Move the lower energy that is bringing you down to a higher more positive spin. You have the power of personal choice, so choose happiness. Joy is abundantly yours when you chose it wisely. Deny any power that is not for your highest good.

Homework Assignment:

What brings you happiness that can’t be purchased?

Did you make a personal choice to experience happiness today?

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