We Were Born With Dignity!

We were all born with dignity. As babies, we cried out for what we needed; and more often than not, those needs were met. Somewhere along the life path, we were taught to stop asking for what we wanted as if it were not dignified to have what we want and need.

As adults, let’s reclaim the dignity in seeking what we need. Let’s be brave enough to expect our needs to be met!


What thoughts hold you back from asking for what you need?

What can you do for yourself and what can you ask others to help you with today?

2 thoughts on “We Were Born With Dignity!

  1. This was a great post because I am currently dealing with my own issues relating with being confident in my own dignity, in spite of setbacks that I am experiencing. I ultimately realize that I am a good person, who has made a few mistakes, but will not always remain in this position. I don’t like asking for help AT ALL, and will pretty much drown before I reach out…but I appreciate when people know and love me enough to KNOW when to step in because I am too afraid to be judged. I am still standing, and a positive attitude has helped me to continue pushing!

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