Humanity as an act of being kind to others offers us the opportunity to treat people with dignity and compassion. We are seeing in the news, what we can consider man’s inhumanity to man, which may actually be all of our own doing. We judge others as good or bad/right or wrong. We see our differences as our divisions. We build up public figures to be able to tear them down after one mistake. As if we are only the mistake(s) we make. We are so much more than our mistakes. When we judge harshly we lose our ability to see the divine in others that we assume is only in ourself or the people we know. Pointing out others faults does not make you better; it just makes you judgmental. Judging pushes people away. 
We use the word Love to describe our feelings for ice cream, television shows, flowers, etc. I want to encourage you, dear reader, to regain Love’s true meaning and let’s Love our adversaries, that is, respecting their right to live in their reality while you live in yours. Why you ask, because Loving draws people closer and because humanity is Love. 

What makes people feel superior when they are judging others negatively?

Is anyone more superior than another?

What can you do to stop yourself from judging others?
Please share your answers in the comments. 

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