Set an Intention for the Day

At the beginning of the day choose intentions that will influence your experiences during your awake hours. When you put your attention on an outcome that you choose consciously you are supporting what you really want. 

When I started setting a daily intention I said to myself, I will be productive, on purpose and positive. That first day it took until 1:30 in the afternoon to see the fruits of my intention. The second day was better, by 10:30 I felt on purpose – doing the things that supported my desire to inspire and educate people, which allowed me then to be positive with those around me and productive enough to complete tasks that seemed arduous just days before. Each day now when I wake up I declare an intention and begin affirming it as my feet touch my slippers. 

Declare for yourself the intention that will fulfill your long term desires. Trust that your intentions affect you and others around you. Review the results of your intentions nightly. If the results of the day don’t match your desires, look closely to see if your actions are conflicting with your intentions. Review your thoughts throughout the day, do they support your intention? May your choices always align with your desires…so your daily intentions transform your life…

Can you name something you want different in your life?

What attitude(s) can you change to allow ‘that something new’ in your life?

Are you willing to explore new intentions for new results?

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