What a Wise Warrior Knows

A wise warrior knows how and when to hold their tongue. Our words can flame a fire that takes over our emotions and interactions. Thank goodness for the four in the morning stillness that can birth clarity. In the just before sunlight quite hour we can think clearly about the struggle that is inside us. We can have gratitude toward the people around us who shed light on our internal brokenness by saying or doing something we do not care to experience. The victim mentality blames the other person for gifting us with pain. The wise warrior thanks the external force for the harsh reality that ultimately allows us to heal that old familiar and powerful pain point. Life is not just happening to us as if we are the victim; a wise warrior understands and embraces the gift wrapped-present in each emotional incident, that life is supporting our healing.  

Besides courage, what other skills do you need to cultivate to have a wise warrior’s mentality?

How would you show up as a wise warrior in your life?

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