Re-Language That…

One morning as I was setting my intention I declared, “I’m tired of wishing for what I don’t have.” My spirit knew that couldn’t be the intention for the day. I had to re-language that to be positive in order to make a meaningful impact throughout my day. I re-languaged and embraced the following intention: “I am grateful for what is in my life right now.” That re-language uplifted and empowered me. It eliminated focus on what I couldn’t see. Let’s stop the preoccupation and obsession that enslaves us away from our deepest desires. The negative compulsions in our minds rub energy from our travels toward our true destiny. What we focus on grows. Re-language toward what you do want, not what you don’t want. 

What do you want? Was your answer a list of things you don’t want? If it was re-language that litany. When I ask you, “Are you aware of the things you say” and “Are the things you say supportive of your true desire”, what answers went through your mind? In this exercise the first thoughts matter especially if the thoughts are negative or not what you truly want.

What are your deepest positive desires?

Can you re-language your thoughts and words toward the positive desires of your heart?

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