Seeing Things Anew…

Seeing with new eyes is all about seeing “the same” differently. We go to work the same way everyday. Take the same route to school and what do we notice? Anything different? That’s my challenge for you. Look around, see with a purpose to observe something new. If you have not really looked at the people in your life, those closest to you, notice something different about them. 

Why is this important? It brings us into the present moment. It gives us something new to experience. Are you aware that the majority of our thoughts are repetitive? Experts say 80-90% of our thoughts are the same things we told ourselves yesterday and the day before that. Make room for new thoughts and observations. Make space for a new year with new experiences. 

Wishing you all joy and abundant life (that is health, happy moments, strong loving relationships, faith, hope, wealth, goodness and strength) in 2017!

Look around you, identify something in your surroundings that you have not noticed in a while? To start it could be as small as looking closely at a picture in your home.

Are your repetitive thoughts serving you, your family, or your community well?

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