Welcome to a New Year!

It’s here, we are days into 2017. We take great delight in wishing each other a happy new year! The overwhelming return response is “I think it’s going to be a good or even a great year.” And I want that outcome for each of us. What concerns me is we say it so hopefully, expecting something outside ourselves to make us happier, thinner, smarter, more wealthy or whatever you imagine for yourself. Yet at the end of most years, we say to each other, “Phew, I’m glad this year is over” and we start over with well wishes and big dreams…
This year I encourage us to reflect and open up to what we can do differently to help our circumstances become better than the year before? Where can your imagination take you to lift you out of the same old thing? How can you be of service to others? 
We have within us the possibilities to move from struggle to grace and greatness in 2017! 

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