Gratitude and Gladness

Gratitude and gladness go hand and hand, however many people stop at the gratitude level and forget to feel the gladness that comes with acknowledging something good is in their life. Here are two theories why: if the object of my gratitude goes away I will feel sad or if I share my joyful gratitude someone will judge me as bragging, selfish, or even egotistical. First of all not feeling excitement about something possibly happening or that has taken place does not ward of sadness nor that empty feeling if things don’t work out as we hoped. Two different emotions for two different outcomes. Feel the feeling in the moment that you are in. Emotions can’t be bargained away, I won’t feel this to avoid feeling the other. I won’t let love in so I won’t ever be hurt. Yet you hurt because you yearn to be loved. Remember when we were children playing in the park on a see-saw? You go up and down with another person each of you taking turns pushing off. If you were there by yourself you stayed on the ground. 

I don’t remember who said this but the fact that I remembered this quote is my respect for the one who penned it first, “How someone treats you is their karma and how you react is your karma”. Anyone judging you or your situation is displaying judgmental thoughts. Their thoughts in your life are merely their thoughts, neither right nor wrong. 

Feeling gladness is a birthright. Use it to honor yourself and to light someone else’s path. 

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