Embarrassment and Shame


We all do or say something we are not proud of in this life of ours. There are times when embarrassing things happen to us at the hand of others. Some of us, not you of course, have had multiple infractions against ourselves and others. These unfortunate incidents that cause embarrassment and shame, are merely aspects of living and learning.

Embarrassment and shame are not intended to be the last emotions you hold onto after a disappointment. Figure out what you can learn from the experience, for example, what were the underlying reasons it happened, who can help with your new insight, or how does forgiveness allow you to move forward?

You are meant to feel and grow, not to get stuck. Take your new self knowledge, some empathy and a lot of compassion with you as you interact with others. Once you accept that you are no longer a person who wallows in the past or in painful memories, you can declare, “I am now a beacon for myself and others.”

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