Delete That Message

Internal messages that do not serve us well in our pursuit to fully living our lives must be sent to the Trash bin; deleted and flagged as spasm email. Stop the habit of going back to take those less than desirable thoughts from the Trash. An all important step, not to be forgotten, is to permanently empty the Trash, that is to say, let go of negative self-beliefs.

You want to release all the negative self-put-downs. Give an example, you ask, here are a few: it’s when you tell yourself you are stupid, unreliable, unable to attract friends, a miserable person, not good enough, etc. Those are a few samples of internal trash thoughts that negate your well-being.

Those trash thoughts need to be replaced with a kindness that you begin to show yourself. When we were younger we sought out our parents and teachers for their approval. As adults looking for, or worse yet, needing that praise/approval/ thoughtfulness from others will never fully satisfy our longing.

The point I hope you won’t miss is to give loving thoughts to yourself early and often. And watch as you begin to attract others who support your positive ideas and begin to repel those people who bring you trash thoughts of their own. Trust me when I say, “we” all deserve loving treatment from ourselves and the people we allow into our lives.

What is the kindest thought you thought about yourself today?

Would you call a small child or loved one some of the harsh things you call yourself?


4 thoughts on “Delete That Message

  1. Deborah That small voice we have inside of ourselves — the one of self-love and compassion — seems to always get lost in the grind of daily living. Thank you for being the peaceful path to get us back on track to our authentic selves. Selah.

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