Seeking Change

Change, if you crave your desires and have not yet experienced the promise of it’s delight. Here’s the thing, you change yourself, do not expect the people around you to change first. Believing ‘if only he would be different’, is not going to ever bring you the desires of your heart. No more than thinking, ‘if only she would say these things to me’, it will bring you your true desires. 

Change you. Look inside and examine what you believe to be true and then ask yourself is there room within you to see this idea/belief differently? For example, if you grew up in a household that didn’t support your dreams you may go out into the world believing people are not supportive. As an adult if you unconsciously choose to be around people who are not supportive it’s likely because you believe that people are unsupportive. You can hold onto your veiled belief that other people get support but not me or you can find room in your mind and heart to see that if some people are surrounded by supportive people, you too could be one of those people who get supported. And if that is true for you then your old belief can start to crack. 
If you have been comfortable with where you are but uncomfortable being there it is time to change. This is your opportunity to allow a shift in thinking to occur. Start with yourself and set the intention to support yourself as you grow. Explore your own ideas and dreams. That’s how you lead change in your life. As you begin to promote yourself, watch and listen for others who want to support your vision.

Is there room in me to see this idea or belief differently? 

Can I change the way I behave?

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