Creative Story Telling

“She makes me so mad.” Have you ever uttered similar words about someone you know? 

As the creative storyteller of your life, you choose what story you will tell yourself and others. Let’s go back to the first sentence, ‘she makes me so mad’; we give details about what she said and likely call her a few not so nice names that keep us stuck in frustration and hurt. We make up a couple sentences, like, “she never liked me or anyone else for that matter”, and now we begin to believe what we are saying. Even though we have not asked for clarification or confirmed it is true. That my dear reader is story creation.

May I suggest you stop telling the story the same old way? If you are invested in being the victim in your story fabrications, you won’t be willing to change your story to anything different. If you want to be free of other people’s stuff affecting you, choose to tell a different story.

Take responsibility for your feelings and thoughts. Ask yourself why do I react to other people’s stuff in this way? Most people say I don’t know. Look deep, it’s just buried in the darkest part of your internal closet. (Check out, last week’s blog below entitled Keys to Open Our Hidden Door(s)). 

I saw a quote that suggests maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back. May I suggest you return to the story you tell yourself and try to understand where you are and where the other person has come from. Create your story with love and dignity for all concerned.

What is the story I am telling myself?

What is true and what is made up?

What can I change within myself to judge less and love more?  

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