Love is All We Need

Love is strength. Love of self, love for another and even love of country indicates you possess an ability to be understanding, to employ forgiveness and apply some good old fashion wisdom of Solomon. 
My wish for you is that as you hold love for yourself today you observe how it soothes your inner angst so you can see clearly what is important. Then as you continue to grow in love may you find yourself forgiving and sharing your love with others because my friends, life without love is not an option. As countries around the globe struggle with desperate feelings from divisive rhetoric we discover love is the wisest advantage if you want to nurture a peace in your heart and your country that surpasses all logical understanding. 

What I know for certain is love expands. Love builds up; love does not tear down. Love is the gift of life. Let love’s strength grow you in ways that astonish your heart and enlighten your days. To quote the Beatles, “All We Need is Love”.

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