I’m Just So Busy…

How many times do you think to yourself, I’m just too busy? When people ask you, “How are you?”  Do you respond with, “Oh, I am just so busy.”? Is there a secret sense of pride or importance in that answer?

It’s as if being over active will be our 21st century legacy. Will our relationships with ourselves and others suffer while we are being too busy to connect? At the end of the day did you work so hard that you don’t have energy or time for meaningful relationships or thoughtful conversations with the people in your life? 
Take notice of the adrenaline that pumps you up to get you through your next obligation. Here’s the thing, a perverse acceptance of busyness is likely your excuse to never focus on what your heart truly desires.  What are you running from by being too busy? What are you trying not to think about? Where is the integrity in being too busy, just so we can avoid doing the things that support our purpose for being here on earth?

At the end of your life do you want to rejoice in having tried to live fully or die having hidden behind being too busy to live? Try this: identify a heartfelt goal and set an alarm to remind yourself throughout the day to do something towards your purpose. No matter how busy you are – stop at each alarm and do a little something toward fulfilling your purpose. That is a sure way to get off the I’m just so busy train and into your purpose-filled life. May the desires of your heart be clear and actualized dear friends.

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