Stuck on Distorted

I have a friend who looks at her face in a magnifying mirror everyday. She has grown to hate her skin because of what she sees in a mirror that distorts what the normal eye sees. There is nothing any one can say to change her belief because she is stuck on distorted. 

Friends, what are you stuck on that is distorted? Here’s a hint, It is a thought or belief that limits you. Do your friends or loved ones say “You are crazy, that’s not true”, when you say “I’m not smart”; “I’m not lovable”; “I’m not attractive”; or I’m too old to do that”? If I didn’t hit on your distort point fill in the blank because identification is the first step to destroying a distortion. 
Next, ask yourself questions to get to the other side of distortion which is clarity and truth: 

Who am I without this belief? 

Who can I become without this thought?

Why is it okay to limit myself with this belief?

What was my life like before I became stuck?

Do I want to stay in a limiting place or do I want to grow?

How is a belief that holds me back serving or not serving me?

No one can change your mind, that is a personal quest. May you be able to lay the distortion down and embrace an uplifting truth that brings you peace and joy. 

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