Everyday Secrets

1) People want to be valued

2) Have supportive people in your life

3) What you focus on increases; what you resist~persists

4) Change your mind; change your circumstance 

5) Ask for help


6) It’s not the other person who needs to change; it’s you that needs to change.

What are your everyday secrets? The statements that you share with others to help them grow. The facts you heard growing up that stay with you today are of interest to me. Share what you believe below. I value what you have to say and support your right to say it aloud. 

Writing our statement(s) is an important exercise, because it helps us to see what we focus on and witness how it increases in our lives. On the flip side, those beliefs and thoughts we hold onto that do not serve us well, continue to persist in our lives. It’s the law of cause and effect. But my friends, if you change your mind by looking at things differently you can change your circumstances. If you can’t find a new way of looking at what is happening in your world, ask for help of someone you value and who supports your well being. 

The secret you will find is the person that you think is causing you grief, is not the person who needs to change. To grow and learn from these people we change inwardly, in search of our most authentic self. Not the hurt self, looking for someone to make you feel better. Not your self that believes, I’ve been down this road before, so you assume it will happen again. But the self that accepts your positive aspects and notices when the negative raises its unhealthy head. The self that is in the present moment, not ruled by the past or fear of the future. It is not the part of you that is defined by what you do, your job or role in life. Rather it is the self that trusts who you are at your core is wise and worthy. That’s real change. 

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