Good vs Good!

Let’s explore living a good versus a good with an exclamation point life! A friend and I were contemplating what a good life looks and feels like and why many people are reluctant to claim and reach for a great life. 
How many times have you heard yourself say, ‘I have a good job’, or ‘I have a good marriage’, or ‘I have a good life’ and followed it with a slight sigh at the end of the declaration. The sigh is not apparent at first, after all, there is nothing wrong with good. However after some time passes, the resignation of merely good starts to feel like – is this all there is… Others may not hear your sigh, but you can begin to feel a weight that doesn’t make complete sense to your logical mind. Perhaps good is the term we use to pacify ourselves. A fortunate few may a friend who comes along and helps them see themselves more clearly. Or a new friendship develops that reminds you of your intrinsic worth in ways you had long forgotten. 

Now I ask you, what would make your life great – can you imagine it, (and winning the lottery ticket doesn’t count)? If it is too hard to picture, let me suggest an initial goal could be to move from good to good with an exclamation point! 

Declare time and space to seek out what the exclamation point would feel like in your life. Listen for the message(s), that can be delivered in a soft whisper, but has the power to create a smile on your face and a hint of excitement in your heart. Pay attention to off-handed remarks that create new ideas in your heart. Express thoughts you have been suppressing, share an unexpected heartfelt moment with yourself, and be loving kindness in the world. That can be the beginning of living good with an exclamation point!

What possibilities are out there; that are waiting for your decision to claim good with an exclamation point?

If not now, when?

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