Sharing Love

People are in such turmoil and are so divided, that I set a personal intention to promote more Love energy in the world. Please choose a statement or two that resonates with you and carry it into your interactions with others.

• Love is an illumination to be shared with humanity.
• Labeling the opposition wrong doesn't change them; it just makes you judgmental.
• Love creates our well-being in the world. Open yourself up to share your Loving nature.
• Love heals all suffering; Love is nourishing kindness.
• Spring into action, Love greatly. Start with yourself and allow it to blossom toward others.
• Love is to be shared. Loving kindness is our ultimate gift.
• Let the power of Love carry you throughout your day.
• Organize people to love one another and our differences. Learn, lead and Love.
• Love is a powerful slingshot! Bring down divisiveness with Love.
• Love, what are you going to do with it? Take it to your grave or share it freely?
• Love is not an emotion; Love lives within each of us.

May a Loving peace carry you through your life and encourage others.

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