All Things of Importance Begin Within You

As a life coach, I am excited to meet people where they are mentally and emotionally. It’s a pleasure for me to tag along as people explore what they want, who they want to be, and how they want to navigate in this world. A common theme I hear in various forms is ‘people disappoint me’. Which leads the discussion toward their eventual understanding that if you are not sharing your loving self, you are sending a contrived representative hoping to get better results than you received in the past and generally with little- to -no internal satisfaction.

So, if all things of importance begin within you, as is presumed in title and a series of questions to come…I ask you this: “If you don’t experience your lovable qualities, how would you know if someone else was appreciating them?” I’m interested in what you think and feel. Please share your comments.

9 thoughts on “All Things of Importance Begin Within You

  1. Good Afternoon Momma Deb I literally thought about you yesterday and today in received this!! We are over due, when can we catch up?




  2. So timely! Since my favorite activities of traveling and dining out were taken away, I’ve been using the time to do some more self work, try some new things and really becoming a better steward of my time. When you are kinda forced to sit still, you really take inventory of the people, things and vibes in your life.

  3. Your question goes to the core of the matter! To experience one’s own loving qualities is a mystery if one doesn’t know or appreciate them. It is a zero sum gain of sorts. Yet, if known it is somewhat akin to a tennis volley, where what you serve is returned. There is either someone on the other side of the court, or you end up serving/playing yourself. Thanks for sparking inquiry. I will Pray about and ponder this more.

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