All Things of Importance Begin Within You – Love

“If your love for yourself is missing in action, others love for you will never be enough nor fully trusted.”

Let’s establish first that loving yourself doesn’t cause an enlarged ego, selfishness or misguidedness. Loving yourself is similar to loving another. When we love someone with all their fine points and miss-steps we are unconditionally loving them by accepting their flaws and fabulousness.

If you are seeking proof of another’s love, the least little infraction can cause upset and an inner belief story that what they are giving isn’t enough. Looking for proof at every turn is evidenced when you are saying, “Yes, but…” to the things they try to do with and for you.

Ahh, but if we don’t see and feel our love for ourselves in an active and daily sense we are not on sure-footing. We wonder why someone loves us when we can’t love ourselves. We worry that their love will run out the door; which corresponds to not knowing how to trust another’s love.

When we give ourselves the love that respects our own good heart and our discernible damage, we can accept other’s love more easily. Try taking small steps toward loving and accepting yourself. No need to search for perfection, it doesn’t exist and will only set you back from the goal to love yourself and allow others love in.

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