What is Your 2021 Intention?

When I ask clients what is or was their intention, I am often met with an initial blank stare, followed by the quick blinking of eye lids, and then a non-related statement that they think is an artful dodge. So before you answer the title I put forth let’s explore the meaning of intention. An intention is a linking of your desire and willingness. Basically you consent to work toward your desires or goals. Some intentions are born from thoughts and those thoughts have energy. Don’t believe me, think of something sad and watch how your mood shifts. Now think of something that makes you smile. Notice how your energy changed. Your thoughts are connected to energy currents that flow through you sending messages to your brain on what to feel and what to think next.

If you want change you begin to challenge your old thoughts by replacing the thought pattern with truth statements that support the direction of your new intention. Depending on how deep the old thoughts and beliefs might be, you will likely have to meet and repeat the supportive replacement thoughts many times to change your experiences.

Let’s address the unspoken concern. To intend something different is to allow change and some people find change to be scary.  I’ve heard people admit, “I live with this pain. I know what it is and what it feels like. I don’t know what awaits me in the change.” I offer you time to mull this over; you are creating your reality through the current intentions you have been holding onto tightly. Why take your old baggage into 2021? If you desire something different, put your intention on that new desire and begin to notice and trust the signs that open up your new and better way.

My 2021 wish for you:

                     May your intentions and decisions align.

Share your thoughts or questions below – who you are in this community is appreciated…

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