About The Blog

Welcome to a movement dedicated to exploring how to have an Inspirational Year. Join me on the journey and may your heart be lighter and your plight eased as the weeks pass. Our goal will be to inspire and be inspired. I invite you to share with me so we can uplift our selves and those around us. Surely shining light on the darkness is worth a try.

Your Bliss

Everyone carries inside an option for a joy filled reality. Most of the people we know have not tapped into their bliss. In fact, most people bury their joy with guilt, anger, fear and judgment to name a few…

How and why do we allow ourselves to live with so few laughs and glimpses of happiness? Our internal judge and jury of all things good and evil lower the gavel on every thought and deed. Judgment is a tiring habit. Habits no matter how long we have carried them  around can be broken..

1)   Be aware of your thoughts, habits and beliefs. If they do not support a path to your bliss examine why you are thinking or believing that which holds you apart from your desires.

2)   Decide to change your beliefs, if they aren’t serving you. If it’s bliss you want, it’s bliss you will give to the world.

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