Client Testimonials

Initials: AA
Country: U.S.
“You do more than inspire, Deborah. You always have. You lead us to transform ourselves and expand our conscious awareness of our Higher Power. So grateful for you!”
Initials: CD 
Country:  U.S.
“For a very long time I struggled emotionally feeling like I was two different people in one body. I was a child and an adult. The child in me wanted to be protected, sheltered and have my faults overlooked. The adult in me wanted to be assertive, confide pent and independent – whole. I was a walking contradiction. Then I met Deborah. She was able to see thru my veil. She was the first to bring my inconsistencies to the forefront. At first, I was so angry with her because she was pulling apart my perfectly crafted lie. It wasn’t until I had a small meltdown that I realized I not only needed her help, I wanted it”.
Initials: TG
Country: U.S.
“I had always been courted by employers. In the tough economy of 2009, the shoe was on the other foot and it was a challenge to keep my chin-up, stay positive, and not doubt my talent. Deborah’s words and writing kept me going and helped me to objectively continue to focus on my strengths and what made me unique and an asset to a potential employer. Her words were my batteries – they kept me going”.

One thought on “Client Testimonials

  1. I was very impressed with Deborah when I watched her speak on a panel regarding philanthropy. After a bit of research when I’d learned she wrote a book the “eye roll” was almost instantaneous. I purchased the book anyway. Bread and Butter. I was absolutely sure I was in store for another brutal book of cliches, “Just love yourself” “Everyone is good” bla bla bla…So now that you know where my head was when I tell you this book changed my life you know that my truth is absolute. This is the first time I could relate to the writer and the narrative so intimately. I’d read Deborah’s story then reflected on my personal story. The first time I read it, I was hurt and even angry because this book was forcing me to first acknowledge my behaviors that were derived from pain, then pushing me to accept, forgive, and move forward. Who says I was ready to give up my “functioning in my pain”? Now, I refer back to this book so much when in tough situations. WWDS – What would Deborah Say! I love this book. I want everyone to read this book…’s a quick read, it’s well written and if you are open, it will change your perception where you allow it. It’s a wonderful feeling when you can look back on things that were once painful with positive thoughts!

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