Humanity as an act of being kind to others offers us the opportunity to treat people with dignity and compassion. We are seeing in the news, what we can consider man’s inhumanity to man, which may actually be all of our own doing. We judge others as good or bad/right or wrong. We see our differences as our divisions. We build up public figures to be able to tear them down after one mistake. As if we are only the mistake(s) we make. We are so much more than our mistakes. When we judge harshly we lose our ability to see the divine in others that we assume is only in ourself or the people we know. Pointing out others faults does not make you better; it just makes you judgmental. Judging pushes people away. 
We use the word Love to describe our feelings for ice cream, television shows, flowers, etc. I want to encourage you, dear reader, to regain Love’s true meaning and let’s Love our adversaries, that is, respecting their right to live in their reality while you live in yours. Why you ask, because Loving draws people closer and because humanity is Love. 

What makes people feel superior when they are judging others negatively?

Is anyone more superior than another?

What can you do to stop yourself from judging others?
Please share your answers in the comments. 

Behind Every Cloud…


Behind every cloud, the sun is shining. This is a metaphor for the troubled times in your life. Our thinking gets clouded (pun intended) until we remember to stand firmly on the truth. In my book, Bread and Butter: A Self-Directed Discovery to Your Desired Life the first chapter focuses on your establishing your Spiritual Journey; that becomes the foundation you stand on in difficult as well as easy times. It’s the solace you can lean into and remember it is the truth within your belief system.

How would you describe the foundation you want to build your true desires on?



This End is Your Beginning!

It’s been an inspirational year. We started in January 2015, and I declared this would be a year long commitment. My desire was and continues to be that you will grab possibility and make it your reality! I’ll connect with you again. Embrace your new beginning! Be the light…


What do you want your new beginning to feel like?

What inspires you?

Joy In The Present Moment!

This is a suggested season of loving and giving. However, for some people it’s a time of stress and loneliness in the midst of crowds.

As this year approaches it’s end, my wish for you all is that you find joy in the present moments of your day. Experience joy in another’s smile. Give joy by acknowledging someone with a kind word. Be the love in the world you wish to feel! You are a present!



Today, people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. People around the world have learned that giving thanks throughout the everyday increases an abundant flow that is greater than money. It encourages richer relationships, increased sharing, belonging, living fully, peace of mind, wisdom and love of life!


What are you thankful for?

List who are you thankful for in your life?

Perfectly Imperfect

Stare at a perfect rose long enough and you will find an imperfection. People are no different; our imperfections gives us our life lessons to learn. Those imperfections are what makes us human, and dare I say interesting? Welcome to the human race, perfectly imperfect people!


What advice would you give someone to help them accept their imperfections?

What advice would you give yourself?


We Are Here!

I am grateful we are here in this world! Thankful for the gifts we share. I wish for us the courage needed to find our undiscovered strengths, and endless encouragement to incorporate those strengths in our daily interactions.


Are you grateful you are here?

Inner Beauty!

Your real beauty and wholeness resides inside of you! If you don’t see it, you may have buried your inner specialness. I recommend that you lift up (admit) and discard (forgive) your old mistakes and hurts. Now you are free to think; what if it’s true that you are beautiful on the inside? Get comfortable with the belief; start by repeating to yourself, “I have inner beauty.”


When you recognize your inner beauty, how can you let it shine?


The other day, someone I care about did something that hurt my feelings. I felt the full impact of fear. My body was heavy, tight and tired. While sitting still with the fear, my mind opened enough for me to realize fear isn’t our natural state of being. It is natural to feel light and buoyant and curious. That shift in awareness allowed me to feel alive and love again.


The next time you feel heavy, can you shed light on what you fear?

How can you bring yourself back to your natural state of being – – alive and loving?

Radical Compassion!

We want people to be compassionate with us. Here’s the radical part; we have to be compassionate with ourselves and others in order to expect it from others! Compassion is possible when we are authentic, feel worthy, and accept as humans that we are sometimes imperfect.


Are you daring enough to show yourself and others compassion?

Can you forgo protecting your self by blaming