A genuine smile uses less facial muscles and increases your endorphins. A smile boosts your

mental and physical health by reducing hormones and blood pressure. Smiling people live

happier and longer lives.

Smiles build bonds with people. Try sharing your smile with others. You may be the only smile

they receive that day. It may inspire them to share a smile with a stranger who is in need.

Smiles are contagious! Try it.

Can you sense a shift in your emotional perception when you decide to smile?

Can you commit to smiling at two strangers a day for a week?

You Matter

You Matter 

You matter. You are worthy to be heard. You matter. You are here for a reason. You matter. You

are uniquely qualified to be your best you. You matter.

I am not trying to be redundant. I am trying to remind you of a basic truth that gets buried by the

time we are four years old. You matter. Let yourself say it aloud, “I matter.” If tears spring to your

eyes, it’s okay. Tears are a release. Let it cleanse your disbelief. Your soul is happy you are

remembering, you matter. And once you understand that you matter, you can look at other

people who are the walking wounded and remind them that they matter.

Can you remind yourself several times a day, that you matter?

How would you feel if you helped another lost soul remember that they matter?

Can you agree to listen to someone, as if they matter?