Love And Be Loved

Love and Be Loved 

Seek first to find the goodness in others. It’s too easy to see someone’s flaws. We search for their missteps to protect ourselves from a real connection. Look for their beauty within. Really see the person, not the color of their hair, but the strength of their history. Allow yourself to have a more authentically positive human connection. We have hidden our desire for real human intimacy for far too long. Let us love and be loved this day and every day.

Can you allow yourself to be heard and seen?

Can you allow yourself to hear and see others?

Who You Really Are!

Who You Really Are

Do you remember who you really are? We are born sacred. A baby’s soul is timeless and unlimited. The spirit is full of possibility. As they (we) grow, life’s experiences separate us from our true nature; that we are love, we are greatness, we are worthy…

What are five words that describe the positive within you?

How do you define your soul’s work?

Four A’s To A Joyful Living!

A path to joyful living starts with awareness! it is seeing what is bothering you. Accept that the concern or problem is here. Conduct a CIS type analysis that investigates what created this concern. Now that you are armored with the historical facts, it’s time to practice non-attachment; that is, don’t take what is happening personally. You no longer have to attach to the concern in the same way. You have created space to detach from the old way of thinking and can open to new and clearer thoughts that are akin to joyful living…

What is a small irritant that you can practice the four A’s?

Why is your attachment to a concern or problem so strong?


A genuine smile uses less facial muscles and increases your endorphins. A smile boosts your

mental and physical health by reducing hormones and blood pressure. Smiling people live

happier and longer lives.

Smiles build bonds with people. Try sharing your smile with others. You may be the only smile

they receive that day. It may inspire them to share a smile with a stranger who is in need.

Smiles are contagious! Try it.

Can you sense a shift in your emotional perception when you decide to smile?

Can you commit to smiling at two strangers a day for a week?

You Are

You Are


You are wondrous and need to be known as such. You came to earth a clean slate, full of promise and extraordinary potential. You are special because there is only one you!

Your inner critic has ruled long enough. You are more than your missteps in life. When growing up if you heard “no” and “stop” often you may have forgotten your innate worthiness. Let your natural gifts come out.

Remind yourself to show others your best self throughout the day.

Who can you delight this week with a kind word or deed?



Make your life a journey without concern for the destination. Participate fully each day and delight more in the journey than where you are heading. You are in control of your thoughts and beliefs. The rest is Universal Energy meeting you where you are and making a way for you to live life well.

Let your journey be designed by desire and “not the way I’ve always done it.” To wander in desire does not mean you are lost; it means you are living in wonder. Like Jim Carey’s character in the movie, “Yes Man”, he showed saying yes to everything that comes his way creates an amazing journey. Watch your journey unfold in ways that are so vast and wonderful. Then tell us about it.

What are your deepest desires?

What can you say yes to today?