Toasting Your Desires…

It takes a creation mentality and support to do the thing you most want to do. I set my alarm for 45 minutes earlier than my wake up time to be able to support and ground myself for the day ahead that I want to create. I set an intention, meditate, and journal to set in motion the next steps toward my goal.

If you do not follow me on Instagram, (and want to you can find me at deborahliverett) you have not heard my announcement that I am on a journey to write my second book. The first draft is done! Hallelujah and now the editing process begins. As my writing coach Simon says, I’m not editing my book, I am editing chapters. That makes the tasks ahead less daunting.

Break things into smaller manageable tasks that will lead you to the finish line of your desire. In the meantime I am believing in your ability to succeed. Feel free to share your smaller manageable successes… While I toast to your desires.